Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Creativity, Toys and Change

After watching this video of Caleb Chung at TED I reflected what I learned from Sir Ken Robinson and Dan Pink about the importance of nurturing creativity in students. Mr Chung's work balances art and science with incredible creativity. The bulk of this video, as Mr. Chung summarizes his career to date addresses the importance of this mix.

The last two minutes of the video dramatically demonstrate how toys have changed. I think it is important for all of us involved in teaching children, who are no longer regularly have contact with children outside of school, to visit a toy store at least a few times a year to fully grasp these changes.


lizzyriordan said...

I remember the Furby really well; the toy was HUGE in the late 90s. It was made of hard plastic and its fur coat and big bright eyes had such appeal. This new Pleo toy is absolutely phenomenal in comparison! I was amazed to see that it looks so life-like. Some of its dinosaur movements look just like movements that my own dog does! This will be such a hit; parents can now buy their children a "pet" that looks, "talks," and acts so much like the real thing! And it "learns" in so many more ways too!

LarryK said...

Thanks for your comment Lizzy. We can only wonder what toys will be like ten years from now.