Monday, October 22, 2007

All Aboard

How do you make learning about maps fun? Last week I observed a class in our Lower School in which a Promethean board enhanced a 1st grade teacher's work with her students as the students learned about maps.

Using the board the teacher taught an interactive lesson. Her use of the board was right on target for teaching maps. She had one and sometimes two students at a time at the board, using the software that came with the package. To further enhance the lesson she effectively integrated Rand McNally maps and Google Earth.

The students clearly understood why we use maps. They interacted with a map of their classroom, indicated where they sat, and enjoyed seeing a satellite picture of the school.

The Board of Trustees was visiting this class with me, and all were amazed at how 1st grade students naturally knew what a satellite picture was without being taught. By first grade that knowledge is common.

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