Friday, November 16, 2007

Learning at the Speed of Change

This week I showed a colleague some work Irecently did on Gliffy with another colleague. "Why didn't you use Inspiration?" she said. I explained that we were collaborating, working from home and school, and that using Gliffy made more sense.

We took what we did in Gliffy and created a Google Doc. "Why didn't you use Moodle or a Wiki?" I explained that in this situation I thought a Google Doc made more sense. The coordinator exclaimed,"We purchase software, train our teachers how to use it (no easy task) and now all these new apps are coming out."

She's absolutely right. But if we think we are seeing change now what will the future (web 3.0, 4.0, etc.) bring? Our students and teachers must learn to thrive in this world. Our job is to think of the best way to make this happen. As new tools continue to be released that make working from multiple places and collaborating easier for our students and teachers, let's think about which tool is best for each situation.

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