Monday, May 3, 2010

Check out our students blogs!

I'm happy to write that we have students blogging in all 3 divisions (lower, middle, and upper) of our school.

LS: These blogs are still somewhat locked down. If you would like to collaborate with our LS students please contact me!

MS: The 7th grade science classes have just hatched ducklings! They incubated the ducks in the classroom for 4 weeks, studied embryonic development, watched them hatch, and are now taking care of them. Check out their blog for pictures, videos, and updates over the next couple of weeks:
Check out and please comment on the photo/video blog of ducklings being hatched and raised.

US: Students in an Intro to Computer Science are programming in Python. Links to their blogs follow:

This is Harlan's (the teacher) ipad and python programming blog:

This is Ankush's blog on programming "laser blast" in python

This is Matt's blog - he is a second year student (currently in AP, too) who is writing "Demon Attack" in Python:

This is Luke's Blog. He is writing Mario Bros. in Python:

This is Patrick's. He is writing some sort of pokemon game in python. Right now, he has his character walking around on a map.

This is Charles' blog. He is a freshman, and he's picked an ambitious program - super mario bros.

And this is Graham's blog. He is a former AP student and a senior. He is writing Bomberman:

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